Consultation Room 2030

Creating the medical consultation of the future, where fast access and the integration of data enhances the healthcare professional – patient relationship.


Health care is changing from primarily personal, physical interaction with health care professionals to a system dominated by information technology.


A more holistic approach is needed to consider all different stakeholders, and go beyond the current system and economic boundaries of health care.


Analyze and model future healthcare systems by defining the different aspects of the healthcare professional – patient interaction.


The future for healthcare

Healthcare has traditionally centered around the bricks and mortar of a hospital, a physical space where doctor and patient interact, but that has changed. Healthcare is transforming into a system no longer constrained by the physical boundaries, going from a system where the exchange of information went mainly through in-person interactions to a system that is dominated by information technology.


Building Healthcare Ecosystems

There is a real challenge in the transition from the traditional healthcare system to the future. How are healthcare professionals going to make new opportunities such as telemedicine, wearables and AI part of everyday practice? How will all these changes be integrated in our legislative and ethical systems? What are the possibilities of data as a commodity and use that for disruptive innovations? How should we teach and train our future doctors?


Smart Patient Assistance

  • AI-enhanced communication
  • Common complaints
  • Platform integration
  • Integrated patient portal
  • Medical apps


Smart Patient Monitor

  • Wearable devices
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Health status reporting
  • Anomaly assessment
  • Connected professionals


Smart Triage & Planning

  • Urgency determination
  • Channel selection
  • Appointment suggestions
  • Pre-visit information
  • Additional diagnostics


Smart Room

  • Voice-commanded ordering 
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Environment sensing
  • Digital Consultation
  • EHR Integration


Smart Analysis

  • Multiple sources
  • Big Data processing
  • Secure environment
  • Data Ownership
  • Rapid access

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